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Foreign Nationals

                    For Foreign Nationals                    

Sendai city is working actively for start-up support including women, foreign nationals.

On the other hand, a person who has already started up a business would have an issue and a task to achieve the work environment appropriate to Japanese labor and social insurance and so on.

A foreign national who is supposed to start up a business would have more issues and tasks especially for the language and a complicated system beginning with “Startup visa”.

Labor and Social Security Attorney “ROOTs” supplies the services below for foreign nationals.

◆Social and labor security procedure

We support to achieve a labor environment appropriate to Japanese laws through the services below.

Advisory contract / Development or adjustment of labor regulations / Payroll accounting / Procedure of labor and social insurance / Application of subsidy and disability pension / Labor audit / Application of various kinds of projects approval like a subsidy(助成金申請) …etc

BPR(Business Process Reengineering)/ HRR(Human Resources Reengineering)

The current business flow or the operation of the organization might cause the stagnation. We suggest the options from the point of view based on Japanese climate and commercial custom.

◆Sales support

We supply the services like the achievement of target list, development of sales tools, introduction of possible candidates through the experience by the accomplishment with limited capital invested.

◆Start-up support

We support the procedures of “Startup Visa” which relaxes the eligibility requirements for the business manager status of residence.

・Development of the documents like “Application Form for Confirmation of Business Startup Activities”, “Plan for Business Startup Activities”, “Time Schedule of Business Startup Activities”, “Applicant’s Resume”, “Documents clarifying where the applicant will be residing for six months after arrival in Japan”, “Documents showing the applicant’s cash deposit balance, such as a copy of the applicant’s bank passbook”

・Contact with the corporate support desk of local industry support section





Tetsuo Kobayashi


 Labor and social security attorney(社会保険労務士) Certified No.200402410

 TOEIC 805


 Hosei University / major: sociology

​ 1 year stay overseas includes

Manufacuturing and retailing company of men’s business suits (kanagawa pref)

I played a prominent role of a presenter at the seminar to student applicants as a member of the management politics department. I developed a recruiting plan and interviewed approximately 2,000 students as a recruiting manager from 3rd year.

Foreign-capitalized consulting firm (Tokyo)

I recognized the importance of human appropriate cycle through human management like recruiting, education, assessment, resignation at the worldwide consulting firm.


Domestic consulting firm (Tokyo)

I contributed to increase sales as several tens of million yen per a company and develop a new business for the companies which Miyagi prefecture recommended.

Small and medium-sized company (Miyagi pref)

I worked below in charge of the management politics.

・Achievement of the new business(mail-order business) and developed a number of new products

・Development of a number of new products including the application of subsidy as much of several million yen

・Making up of a few hundred of project protocol, proposal, sales tool

This company went into bankrupt, although I struggled to recover from poor management as one of board members.

Small and medium-sized company (Miyagi pref)

I established company with the member belonged to bankruptcy company and built a franchise business dealing with the house-reform materials.

We have growed it as much of 400 franchisee for 4 years since startup.

I’m confident of the result which I structured without any experience and knowledge, though the result was achieved by all of members.




I defined a founding philosophy and a basement including organization as roots.

I believe the company growth depends on these roots.

Logo “ROOTs” was designed imaging that a tree (company) with fixed roots grows branches (business) and leaves (customer, employee, company satisfaction).

The initials of my father and I imitating branches are also arranged in logo to declare of the intention to succeed a dying wish of my father who couldn’t fulfill his mission as labor and social security attorney after the retirement as an engineer.


Please feel free to contact me.


The first contact by e-mail should be favorable.

I may not understand your needs correctly by telephone due to my English hearing ability.

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